Andre Jarvio Fitness

Reach your FITNESS goals faster - Get motivated and see RESULTS - No matter what your GOALS are we have a way to get you there

Existing Logo

Andre came to me wanting a new logo for his fitness program that he is building. He is a Personal Trainer based out of Stockholm Sweden. This is a prime example of distance doesn't matter. I used his existing logo as a good precursor to the final product.

Original Idea

With the original idea still in tact I wanted to try and incorporate an actual picture of Andre as he would then be "in" the brand that he is trying to create. I achieved this by outlining a picture of him. With this in mind I created the logos above. It definitely influences the final product.

Final Product

The final product was a combination of a couple of things. I wanted to bring in a Negative Space aspect to the logo. I did this by have the A in black J in white and the F in black. He liked the concept so I tweaked it until It was aesthetically pleasing. Removing the old font and using a font that allowed the logo to flow properly. He was very happy with this concept and agreed that this was to be the final product.