Andre Jarvio Fitness

Existing Logo Andre came to me wanting a new logo for his fitness program that he is building. He is a Personal Trainer based out of Stockholm Sweden. This is a prime example of distance doesn't matter. I used his existing logo as a good precursor to the final product. Original Idea With the … Read more about Andre Jarvio Fitness

Zebra Entertainment

The guys at Zebra approached me and needed a lot of work done. They handed me a hand drawn idea for a logo and I expanded on it. I finished up with the Zebra head and the simple but elegant word ZEBRA. This has been used on multiple formats, including their album covers. I have been working closely … Read more about Zebra Entertainment

Emily’s Mobile Hairdressing

Emily is a mobile hairdresser based out of the Redlands. She already had a logo but was in need of a few websites. I created an information based website as her "landing page" and then made a seperate website for her shop. She was very happy with the final product and it ties in with her colour … Read more about Emily’s Mobile Hairdressing


RevitaClean are a cleaning business based out of Redlands, Queensland. They specialise in mattress and carpet cleaning. They were in need of a website that they can fill with their information and really hammer home why their method works. I made the site for them back in 2016 and it is still … Read more about RevitaClean